My Vision

My motto when it comes to exercise is, “Train Smarter, Not Harder”.  My philosophy looks toward longevity and focuses on what will benefit my clients in their daily lives.

My Mission

I strive to help clients with the activities they enjoy, while keeping them pain and injury free. My goal is to give them the confidence and joy they deserve to live a long and healthy life.

What is Classical Pilates?

The simplest definition of Classical Pilates is: Pilates that adheres to the work of Joseph Pilates. This entails maintaining the original names of the exercises, their proper order and sequencing, when and how to introduce exercises to clients, and the integrity of the movements.

Lineage is also an important factor. A person cannot just find the order online, memorize it, and immediately consider themselves a classical Pilates instructor or practitioner. It’s not only about the nomenclature or repertoire, it’s about how to apply it and knowing the Method inside and out. One needs to take lessons from a classical instructor to learn the methodology in theory and in their body. It is for these reasons that all classical Pilates certification programs require a 600-hour minimum apprenticeship.

Joseph Pilates had a handful of students that went on to become teachers and are known as “The Elders”. Some Elders studied with Joe for a few months, left NYC, and developed their own take on his work. While in contrast a select few spent years, even decades, working and studying with Joe. As a result not all lineages from the Elders are classical.

It is my opinion, based on years of personal observation and research, that the Romana Kryzanowska lineage is the most accurate. Therefore it is my preference to take lessons from 2nd generation instructors certified by Romana’s Pilates that apprenticed in NYC at The Pilates Studio when Romana and Bob Liekens were still there.

Ethan Carter is a classical Pilates instructor and personal trainer with 15 years of full-time professional experience in the fitness industry and 25-years of athletic, sport-specific training. He has been certified by NASM, ACE, AFAA, PMA, and Power Pilates. Originally from New York, Ethan relocated to California in 2008.

Ethan has worked for some of the top fitness companies in New York, Los Angeles, and San Diego. In addition to working with private clients he also teaches group fitness classes including indoor cycling, BOSU, TRX, and various conditioning formats.

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I have been looking for an instructor that teaches the true method of Pilates and his teachings. I have found such an instructor! Ethan is a natural motivator full of passion and knowledge I can't be more happy and highly recommend if you're looking for the real deal regarding Pilates. Ethan trained in New York City and was certified at Power Pilates, you can't ask for much more. Thank you Ethan for all.

Jim S.
Private Client

Ethan is one of the most memorable instructors I’ve known in 20 years with the method. He’s intelligent, compassionate, caring but strong in his teaching. I was very lucky to have him in the studios I managed and lucky to have him in my life past that time. He’s exactly what you look for in an excellent instructor, intelligent, skilled, in love with the work and with teaching it.

Tandy G.
Former Manager

I have been training with Ethan for over 2 years and he is a consistent, knowledgeable and intuitive trainer. His expertise in Pilates and all other types of workouts provides challenging yet achievable results with all body types and fitness goals. Most importantly he is fun to work with! I always leave the workout feeling great and with a big smile. You cannot find a better instructor.

Kim W.
Private Client

Instruction does not get any better! Ethan has such an attention to detail that there is no wasted movement! His energy and knowledge are impeccable! Looking forward to our next session!!

Lisa M.
Mat Class Student

Ethan is the real deal. If you are interested in Pilates the way it was meant to be taught Ethan is your instructor.

Julie C.
Private Client

Benefits to Classical Pilates:

There are myriad benefits to taking classical Pilates. Below are just some examples of what I experienced within 2-3 months of regular lessons. What sets classical Pilates apart from contemporary Pilates is the repetition and repertoire that enable the client to become very familiar with the work.

If one wants to excel at anything one must practice, practice, practice! Perhaps as a child you had piano lessons and remember working on your scales every week. Or maybe you took up golf as an adult. How many times did you go to the driving range to hit buckets of balls? Another example is professional football players running the same plays over and over again during practice season so on game day their reaction times are instant and essentially automatic. There is a theory that the body needs to do something 10,000 times before it’s committed to the brain and muscle memory.

With classical Pilates there is a clear progression of exercises that is systematic. This enables a client and/or practitioner to advance and more importantly retain the information in their mind and body so their workouts become more efficient and challenging. The same exercise learned on day 1 will be infinitely harder on day 20 which is very different from other forms of fitness and exercise.


Build a stronger core, activate stabilizers, and create uniformity.


Develop more range of motion, feel and move better.


Improve your image and self-confidence. Avoid health complications.


Benefit neuromuscular coordination and muscle isolation. A must for aging.

Prevent Injury

Core stabilization, flexibility, proper muscle activation and sequencing aid in injury prevention.

Reduce Pain

If you have injuries, suffer from chronic pain, are rehabilitating from surgery, Pilates will help you gain strength safely.

Gain Body Awareness

Focused, centered, detailed work raises concentration and body awareness. Sessions=practice. Real life=applied.

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