The Roll Up

The Roll Up is a delicious exercise once your core is strong enough to get you up with minimal effort. The exercise requires a deep powerhouse connection and is an excellent stretch for the spine and the back of the legs. No matter your level the first one is always the most challenging, but with each repetition you feel the stiffness in your body slip away.


Please review the modifications before attempting the exercise and use them as needed. If you have any questions, please contact me.


  1. Lie on your back with straight legs
  2. Reach your arms back, palms always facing forward
  3. Return your arms forward and lift your head off the mat
  4. Lower arms towards torso and
  5. EXHALE SLOWLY as you peel your shoulders off the mat
  6. Sequentially roll all the way up while exhaling
  7. Stretch and reach forward
  8. Relax your neck and shoulders
  9. Bring your forehead to your legs
  10. INHALE SLOWLY to roll all the way down to the starting position
  11. Repeat 3-8 times


  • The Half Roll Down
  • Slightly bent legs
  • Place hands on thighs and use arms to assist you coming up
  • Instead of reaching your arms back in Step 2, reach the arms to the ceiling, directly over the shoulders and perpendicular to the floor/ceiling


  • Magic Circle in hands
  • Instead of lowering your arms towards the torso in Step 4, keep the arms reaching to the ceiling while you roll up


This video is intended for educational purposes only. It is meant to help you remember what you have done with me during our sessions. Please be sure to ask me if you cannot remember “your version” of this exercise.

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